Data Centers

Global Access Point provides access to global information and digital services through its redundant high-speed telecommunications services and three robust data centers. Both our Union Station and Indianapolis locations offer the only two carrier hotels in the state of Indiana. All of Global Access Point’s services are offered in exact increments and combinations, so you will never buy more than you need.

Union Station

  • More than 90,000 square feet of vendor-neutral data center space
  • Scalable network connectivity
  • Colocation services
  • Disaster recovery
  • Data storage
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DEC Building

  • Has an additional 15,000 square foot data center on the North side of South Bend, IN (where fibers run the toll road)
  • Customers have the option of mirroring or replicating their data between our two South Bend facilities
  • A scalable, redundant fiber connection between the two data centers
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Indianapolis, IN

  • Over 2000 square feet of scalable data center space
  • Global Access Point owns and maintains a direct fiber connection between our South Bend, IN facilities and our Indianapolis, IN data center
  • Connectivity between Chicago, Indianapolis, South Bend, and other Indiana locations are available for customer redundancy, back-up, Disaster Recovery, etc.

Data Center Specification Sheet